Your Venue Reimagined

StackedSeats is a smart and adaptable grandstand system that gives you the power to build your venue around the needs of today and the possibilities of tomorrow.


StackedSeats has extendable layers, seats, and railings that can be assembled using only a few grips. All materials can be stored in the Seat Box. The telescopic riser system has extendable ranks and built-in steps. This technology allows for a variety of layouts, configurations, and capacities. From a small single unit to a complete soccer stadium, StackedSeats can help you customize your event and venue.

StackedSeats also uses a lift container to stack the containers to the next higher level. Normal sized container boxes are made of Zincor. The layer's frame is made of Zincor and the surfaces are made of Aluminum.


Sales price on request. System will be bid for fixed-in-place stadiums.


Delivery, setup & take down for all contracts.


Storage can be provided for purchased units.

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